Comprehensive Linux Protection

The first Linux-native solution designed from the ground up to Identify and remediate threats faster than humanly possible on Cloud Workloads, Servers, Endpoints, IoT and Embedded Devices.

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Linux protection that’s swift, seamless and smart. We do what others can’t — determine when a threat exists AND identify who is behind it.

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ThreatOptix is lean and responds within milliseconds in real time without impacting performance. Our protection is faster, more accurate, and works at greater scale than any other server security option that exists today.


No need for backend servers or infrastructure analysis to get the job done. ThreatOptix seamlessly interfaces with your SOC tools. Protect your servers wherever they are – on-premises, in data centers, or in the cloud.


Machine learning meets cybersecurity. Bridging the world of antivirus XDR and Incident response, our three-pronged Ultra sensors are remarkably sensitive, able to instantly detect, classify, and block malicious intruders.

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Throw light on dark data

Do you know what you don’t know? Dark data is continuously collected, and scarcely analyzed. It holds clues and evidence that rarely sees the light of day.

At ThreatOptix, we use advanced machine learning to leverage data insights and throw light onto dark data. Our protection of Linux and continuous detection of threats enables us to see and uncover what’s really in your data. The technology we’ve built empowers you to analyze data in a different way.


of companies are estimated to analyze their data.

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Defining the future of cybersecurity

Our mission is to protect everything connected to the internet—our focus is to protect the infrastructure.


cybersecurity attacks per day. 1 every 39 seconds.


of all breaches target government organizations, technological companies, or retail groups.
$17K per min is lost due to phishing.


increase in cybercrime rates since the COVID-19 pandemic.

* The ultimate list of Cyber Attack Stats (2022)

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Why protect linux servers?
ThreatOptix advances Linux server protection as malware detection did for computers.

Cars, cameras, medical devices, cloud-based apps… everything from garage doors to robotic surgical arms operate on Linux – open source and free. Linux servers run the internet. They are vulnerable. Protecting Linux servers protects our future.

Put simply: we’re the most advanced Linux protection on the market. If Linux is an attacker’s dream, ThreatOptix is their worst nightmare.

Backed by cybersecurity experts and investors with proven experience.

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“We’re making Linux security finally, truly ubiquitous at a time when Linux attacks are increasing."

-Sameet Mehta

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