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Introducing ThreatOptix Ultra

Light Touch

Utilizing persistent light-weight agent as well as zero-installation agentless Scouter sensors, ThreatOptix Ultra suite can target a wide array of Linux devices, from cloud containers to on-premise low power embedded appliances.

Engineered from the start to mitigate Linux attacks, Ultra has a low footprint on both hosts and network – Ultra is designed to be used on performance and mission-critical systems that other solutions fail to protect.

Advanced Detection

ThreatOptix Ultra ingests data from an array of customizable sensors and utilizes AI to behaviorally detect both known and yet-unknown threats, including attribution, all the while keeping alert fatigue down.

This treasure trove of data can be both fed into the Ultra protection tools to remediate the threats, as well as be fed into other existing systems to integrate with existing SOC process and tools.

Ultra can target a wide array of systems, including x64, ARM64 and MIPS.

Advanced Protection

Once a threat is detected, the Ultra suite has a set of automated incident response tools to mitigate even fileless threats and restore systems to normal operation.

Data gained from continuous monitoring by the Ultra sensors can then be used to both undo damage done by threats, including file deletion – as well as be used to generate IR reports for later investigation and root cause analysis

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ThreatOptix -Fast, easy, minimal impact

Fast, easy, minimal impact

ThreatOptix is faster than all other server security options, with real-time responses within milliseconds. It operates in memory without the need to analyze infrastructure, and without requiring backend servers to get the job done.

Powered by Ultra

ThreatOptix’s proprietary technology is Ultra. Its energy-efficient sensors are capable of monitoring, detecting, and blocking threats to your DNS, your network and your files.

Ultra’s three-pronged sensors use advanced AI to keep your performance high and your risk of breach low. Radical in its capability, Ultra is extremely proficient at detecting malicious code and preventing repeat attacks.

With security modules that are customizable and advanced features for niche scenarios (including complete restoration of deleted files) Ultra revolutionizes the field.

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ThreatOptix - Powered by Ultra

How it works

When data passes through our server, our agent compares it to an internal database of malicious code to decide whether it’s a threat. This entire process occurs locally, providing users with:

Ultra - Speed


Making decisions locally uses less bandwidth and eliminates the back-and-forth of sending data to the cloud for analysis – enabling near-immediate threat detection.

Ultra - Flexibility


ThreatOptix works seamlessly with cloud-enabled organizations. But local decision-making means threat detection continues without interruption in the event of an outage.

Ultra - Cost Reductions

Cost reductions

The efficiencies resulting from local data analysis reduce your reliance on CPUs and other cost-intensive resources.

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Cost reductions

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